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I'm a straightforward and outgoing kind of guy. Off-duty at home I stay relaxed with family and friends or on my road bike. Away from home I tend to find myself in the mountains (the above picture is from Mt. Kilimanjaro) or at a sport resort. Professionally, I am a team player who prefers working in groups or teams where my own and my colleagues experiences and skills are best in use. I enjoy having the time for detailed studies without losing overview.

Privately, I have lived with my girlfriend, Kristine, through the last 15 years with whom I have three children with.


University Hospital of Odense

Medical physicist 2018

Training as a medical physicist with subspeciality in nuclear medicine with primary focus on PET. Involves both preclinical and clinical research along clinical routine including goverment regulations.

Technical University of Denmark

Ph.d. in Physics April 2011

3 years of research on the surface of solid oxide fuel cell electrolytes. Know-how on surface spectroscopy, teaching experiences and 3 peer-reviewed papers was some of the output.

University of Southern Denmark

Cand. polyt in Physics, Technology and Materials September 2007

University studies in physics from an engineering point of view. Subspeciality in optics but common knowlegde of acoustics as well. Finished with a top grade thesis.


Department of Clinical Physiology, Nuclear Medicine and PET, Rigshospitalet

PET/MR Physicist 2020 -

Primary physicist on the PET/MRI scanners at Rigshospitalet. Working with aspects of simultaneous PET/MRI but also involved in hyperpolarization experiments.

Dept. of Nuclear Medicine, Odense University Hospital

PET/MR Physicist 2017 - 2020

Primary person on the PET/MRI scanner at Odense University Hospital. Working with aspects of simultaneous PET/MRI but the work also includes MRI research and PET research separately.

Dept. of Nuclear Medicine, Odense University Hospital

Physicist 2013 - 2017

Physicist in the department of nuclear medicine where I work with PET scanners, a cyclotron and clinical issues. Furthermore involved in goverment regulations and the controls associated with these. Supervisor for several master thesis students.

Center for Individual Nanoparticle Functionality, Technical University of Denmark

Scientific Floor Manager 2011 - 2013

Head of an experimental surface laboratory on a daily basis and supervisor of students and scientific equipment. Supervisor for several master thesis and bachelor students.

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